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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Enough About the Kids

Ed says that I’m boring everyone with my “kid chat”. Therefore, today’s post will be about something much more interesting; Our Midnight Snack.

Last night we had baked, flax and honey crackers with slices of cambozola, drizzled with caviar, kalamata olives, jumbo tiger shrimp with sauce, smoked salmon (cut from the fish), proscuitto, and raspberries. Accompanied by a nice glass of red wine; Saint Emilion. A meal fit for, well, me!

I think that I'll stick to what I know... kids.

Speaking of which, Nanna arrived today and brought a baby dog sled with her that the kids just had to “try out”.

Here’s a picture of Artemis sleeping with her new doll (it’s one of mine from my childhood).

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