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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Kids Turn 19-Months Old, Nipissing Update.

Nipissing District Development Checklist 18 Months On July 11, the kids turned 19 months old so we headed to the doctor for their 18-month check-up (we're a bit behind schedule).

It's been 14 weeks since their last doctors' appointment (April 15). Thankfully, they got some shots a clean bill of health and did splendidly on their Nipissing Developmental Checklist for 18 Months.
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For the first time ever, I didn't have one thing to talk to the doctor about.

Max weighs 23lbs, 2oz (up from 21lbs, 12oz). That is a gain of 1lbs, 6oz in 14 weeks. Artemis weighs 20lbs, 2oz (up from 18lbs, 11oz). That is a gain of 1lbs, 7oz in 14 weeks. I think that Artemis's weight is a bit light as we had to use the baby scale (they wouldn't stand on the big person one) and all of her limbs were hanging off. Their weight, head circumference and height are all on a healthy growth curve.

Max measures 81 cm (32") and Artemis measures 79.5 cm (31") tall. Normally, when people see them (after a bit) they tell me how much they've grown. I usually say "Really?, I didn't notice". However, this week I finally realized how tall they both are.

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  1. I haven't been blogging in a while and I am befuddled at how big they have gotten. Glad to see everything is good.