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Saturday, September 24, 2011

James Bond 007 Marathon

Ed came home today with an epic garage sale find. A box of VCR tapes. But not just any coveted VCR tapes but (almost) the complete James Bond library!

And so begins our 007 Marathon (there are 23 in total if you count "Bond 23" with Daniel Craig due out in 2012). Right where it all began. Hail Sean Connery and "Dr No" (1962). Let us know if you want to borrow them (we can even loan you our VCR).

Note that this tape (as with at least one other) was still in the original shrink wrap. Ed and I thought about ending our marathon (before it began) for the fact that the tape might be worth $3.52 in another 25 years. But, we decided that the game must go on.

Our review: In the beginning, the waiter offered him his favourite drink; Vodka martini MIXED not stirred. What? Later on, they said "shaken". Ursula was fabulous in her bikini. Sadly, there weren't ANY gadgets. We noticed one inconsistency; closer to the end of the movie while he's trying to escape through the water pipes (oops, I hope that I didn't ruin it for you), he uses his shoe to breakdown a barrier. Then, in the next shot, he has both shoes on. Ed gave it a rating of six out of ten and I'd have to agree.

Next up "From Russia with Love" (starring Sean Connery from 1963).

And last but not least, here are some pictures of the kids and their creations (taken today).

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  1. The links as earring is too funny! Enjoy your James Bond fest. :)