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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's Not My Fault. You Should Blame Lysol.

I did the unthinkable.

I posted not one but three pictures of the inside of my toilet.

It's not my fault.

Wait, don't hit that little "x" up in the top right corner yet. Hear me out. Your toilet might just thank you...

Now before you think what a wack job or I would never do that how brave I am. Let me assure you, bravery would have been taking a picture BEFORE I cleaned it.

We live out in Boonyville, Population: 12 (people that is, one of which is "The Sheriff"), 31 horses and 2,678,932 mosquitos (at last count). We take our water from a well so it's hard. Like really hard. Not sure if you've ever seen a toilet after four years of "torture by hard water" (and you won't see one from me, I'm not that crazy, truth be told, I forgot to take a picture, I would totally have posted a picture of that) but it's not pretty.

I'm sure you're thinking, why not just get a water softener and be done with it. First of all, then I wouldn't be able to blog about it, secondly, I love the taste of our water (I love the taste of most water, if you think that water doesn't taste different, well, that's a whole other post), thirdly, have you ever showered with soft water, might as well have a shower in slime and last but not least, it costs money and I'm frugal.

Over the years, we have tried everything. Well, we thought we'd tried everything. We'd even gone into Ottawa to purchase several products from specialty stores (at over $20 a flush). None of them worked. And not for lack of elbow grease. We pretty near sprained joints that I didn't know existed trying to get the bowl clean.

It was so bad that people would ask us "what's up with your toilet". In the back of their minds, I'm sure that they were dreading the response, I mean, what if I said it was well, you know.

That was until we found this.

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner

It all started when Uncle Eric showed up and handed me this blue bottle and told me to try it. "It can't hurt to try" he says, "besides, it's on sale". Three days later (I'm sure you're thinking, four days, two weeks, who cares, besides, we wouldn't even know anyways, well, the timing matters), I managed to coordinate the application of said product before bedtime and in the morning, presto, half the stains were gone and I hadn't even torn a rotator cuff. The next night, I drained out some of the water and applied again. Almost gone. And the next night, you guessed it, it was as new as the day we bought it (I won't go and say "as clean as" or "clean enough to eat out" of because well, that's gross).

Don't listen to me, you be the judge.

Clean Toilet After Using Lysol 1
Clean Toilet After Using Lysol 2
Clean Toilet After Using Lysol 3

Pretty clean huh! Can you see my reflection in the third picture? Gross Neat huh!

Note that although I live in Canada and therefore do not have to disclose when I've been paid and or sponsored for a post. I was not compensated for this post in anyway (unless those coupons that I cut out of the paper count). I think the fact that there's a sticker across the brands name (which I didn't place there), says it all but just in case. Not that I wouldn't be open to the idea...

Special Note. Since I was able to determine (within one week) that the product worked like a charm, I was able to take advantage of the weekly sale to stock up. But not before I received a "two-for-one" coupon in the mail the day before. Priceless.

I just wrote 3,861 words related to my toilet. Got a problem with that?

Blame Lysol!

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  1. AWESOME! haha

    all praise the toilet


  2. I was literally toppling off the couch with laughter by "hadn't even torn a rotator cuff". You are freaking hilarious and I NEED to try this on ours.

    1. My pretty Gravatar is gone. :( Oh well. I can see it in my mind. :)

  3. That's awesome! And pretty funny :)

    Kinda want to see the before picture - you make it seem so awful!! lol

    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies

  4. Oh, I have seen it and it was pretty bad. I think I've even asked 'what's up with your toilet?'.
    I am in awe, but I must ask - is it safe for septic? I always have trouble finding something that I know to be safe(r) for my septic system...

  5. Guess what we just bought yesterday when I finally caved and went out for groceries? You got it. Going to try your overnight trick on ours. I'll be sure to report back! :)

  6. We had the same problem and I love this product! A co-worker had turned me onto it and swore it worked, boy does it ever!

  7. Seriously, it's probably disturbing that I am as excited as I am right now, to find this product. We have bizarre stains that can only be hard water. I say "bizarre", because they began about a year ago and are only in one of our toilets!!!!!!!!!!! To my knowledge, our water has not changed in the last year and it's certainly not different in one toilet than the other. I have tried everything, but they just don't budge. I guess I actually have NOT tried EVERYTHING, because I have never tried this product. But you can bet I WILL try it and will let you know how that goes. Hope it works for me!! Well...for my toilet, you know what I mean...