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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Primeridge Pure Cheese and Curds are Like No Other.

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Besides all the excitement about the giveaway wall post, I'm glad to see that my story about arthroscopic knee surgeries didn't turn you off. You'll be glad that you stuck around when you hear the story about Aunt Liz and her cheese.

Aunt Liz knows how to make cheese. Like really knows how and has shared this knowledge with others. Kind of like how Ed tells people "How to Make a Record".

For the purposes of this post, let's just say that it's a really lengthy process with at least 12 intricate steps and that on more than one occasion Aunt Liz has stated "if I have to tell one more person how I make cheese I'll...".

Of course I asked.

Primeridge Pure Cheese

When The Zoo was at The Farm for our annual Summer Hoe-Down, Aunt Liz and her Employer "Primeridge Pure" graciously gave us 3,481 pounds some fresh, homemade and vegetarian Primeridge Pure cheese curds and cream cheese.

Speaking of cheese curds, Ed could eat them seven days a week and he knows a good one when he tastes it. And these ones SQUEAK! In order to provide you with an accurate review, Ed consumed several containers of the product and determined that Primeridge Pure - Pure Curds should be awarded...

Big Cheese!

But, it didn't end there. We took the Chili Pepper Cream Cheese up to September Camp (the second leg of our summer vacation, post coming soon) and it was gone so fast I didn't get one picture of anyone eating it.

If all you've ever had is store bought brands, then you need to try these cheeses. You can get them at their flagship store in Markdale as well as at the East Lynn, Bloor Borden, Sick Kids, Ryerson and Owen Sound Farmer's markets.

Connect with Primeridge Pure via;

Press/Awards: The business just received a Premier's Award for Agri-Innovation, and will be coming to Rowe Farms in the very near future. The YouTube video (link above) was created by OMAFRA about the operation. The Globe and Mail wrote a great piece in June 2012.

Note that Journeys of The Zoo was provided with products that enabled us to write this post. However, there was no expectation of a review. In fact, the owner didn't even know that we had a blog.

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  1. Cheese curds. Must be a Canadian thing. I have never met a cheese I didn't like, so I'd probably love them. Just have never seen them. Aren't cheese curds like cottage cheese without the whey? (I'm ignorant, LOL.)

  2. I am officially a freak for cheese, bring on the curds!!!!!

  3. I have never seen these cheese curds before, but I'm a cheese fan! I'll keep my eyes open for them!

  4. Nothing like fresh cheese curds! My hubby bought some from the grocery store, before and I told him unless they squeak they aren't worth eating. He thought I was crazy! He just doesn't know the pure joy of a squeaky cheese curd.

  5. I've never eaten just cheese curds, only in poutine so I have no idea what they taste like!

  6. So I really love cheese. Like I will go to the specialty cheese section and just go nuts. You know that I will now have to track these down and buy them? ...and yes, they must SQUEAK!

  7. I LOVE the prime ridge pure cream cheese!!! I pick it up at the My Market at SickKids on Tuesdays.... it never makes it home from the office!

  8. Everyone in my family are HUGE cheese lovers....especially cheese curds! YUM! I love when they're squeeky lol. That's the best part!! These sound so good...thanks for sharing!

  9. I LOVE cheese! Most of my favourite recipes involve cheese in some form or another. Looks like it's worth giving it a try!


  10. Mmmmm....mouth watering..cheeeeeese!