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Monday, February 25, 2013

If "You Are What You Eat", What Does That Make The Zoo?

Roasted Pigs Head
Besides the culture and weather, my favourite part about living in Mexico is the Food.

Everything from pigs feet to ceviche (raw ground beef) and chalupas. In a nutshell,

I Love the Food!

Here are some things that you probably didn't know about The Zoo and Mexican food...

1. We have had food poisoning more times than we can count. Max is the only one to have had it this trip... so far.
2. We don't eat anything baked or broiled even though we have an oven (I've never used it). Everything is fried or BBQ'd (we brought a propane BBQ from Canada, Mexicans use charcoal).
3. Jalapenos peppers are not hot. In fact, you can eat them like green peppers. It's the seeds that are hot!
4. On a daily basis we eat; bananas, mandarins, mangos, avocados, tomatos, homemade salsa, cilantro and pork with a side of minnows, chard, and peanut butter sandwiches (with ketchup of course).
5. We eat a LOT of pork with a side of chicken. We eat no beef. If you saw the cuts and/or price, you'd know why.
6. From Canada we bring; crushed garlic, cheerios, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, kalamata olives, basmati rice and couscous. I'd bring sushi if I could. I'm not a 100% convert.
7. We have never eaten, been served or able to order nachos or guacamole. Note that this may be a regional preference as "mole" (pronounced mo-lay) is very common here and not in other parts of Mexico).
8. We do not eat anything with mayonnaise (unless in our own home). Mexicans do not refrigerate it.
9. We do not refrigerate our eggs here. Yet, we do in Canada!?
10. We're in the middle of coffee country and nobody drinks coffee. Let me rephrase that, nobody drinks fresh coffee. Instant is the way they go. It probably has something to do with the fact that the cheapest beans you can find are $16/K. Note that Ed drinks fresh coffee.
11. One of Max's favourite foods is "pan" (translated it means bread but not of the sliced variety). It is sweet and traditionally eaten in the evening as a snack (with coffee, see #10).
12. We purify all our fruits and vegetables with an iodine solution.
13. We purchase bottled water, however, it regularly comes with Guardia and other amoebas. Note that the company doesn't charge for these extras.

What Strange Things Have You Eaten?

Yes, we ate some of the pigs head (pictured).

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  1. I'd stick with the fruit since I'm a struggling vegetarian. The strangest thing I've ever eaten was blood pudding. I was more adventurous as a child. Not anymore lol. My dad and brother eat all the meat so I'm sure they'd love Mexico.

  2. I think I'd starve there... lol.... I can't eat anything that looks back at me, and feet... forget about it!!!

  3. Mmmmm...giardia. Sounds delicious! ;)
    My question is do you bring coffee and propane from Canada? Sounds like that would be a good idea..and perhaps beef jerky to keep your iron stores up!
    I love how you have officially screwed yourself by posting #1 - you are sure to get sick now!

  4. I loved reading those 'fun facts'! Nothing strange I've eaten comes to mind...

  5. Did someone say "blood pudding?" I don't have anything that stacks up to that.

  6. I really can't answer your question, but I will say you make Mexican cuisine sound so appealing! LOL. I'll stick to my normal fair here in the states, I'm a crybaby. LOL. Enjoy!

  7. Wait, I've GOT it!!! If you are what you eat, that makes the Zoo a buffet!!! LOL.

    1. Absolutely brilliant. Must "borrow" this.
      Besos, Sarah

  8. I'm a simple girl, I like my pastas and potatoes :)