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Monday, July 8, 2013

Yes that is a Mosquito Carcass on my Wall.

Mosquito Carcass If you follow me on Facebook, you'll remember that I warned you that I would be posting about "this fly that's smooshed on my wall".

If you don't follow me on Facebook, see what you're missing.

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So that you don't get to the end of the post disappointed and thinking, "that's not a fly", you are correct, that's not a fly. It's a...


If you ask me, there isn't much of a difference. I mean, they're both annoying, can bite, fly around spreading disease and pretty much look the same when smooshed on a wall. Unless the mosquito already had a victim.

Back to my point.

I have a mosquito carcass on my wall.

It's been there for a long time.

How long, I don't really know.

I look up at it every morning when I get the peanut butter out of the cupboard.

The funny thing is that kitchens are like bathrooms to me, they should be clean. As for the rest of the house, I'm just happy if it looks neat.

So, why have I done nothing?

Mosquito Carcass 2 In my defence, it's too high to reach so I'd have to get a chair.

And technically, if it happened to detach itself from the cupboard by itself (very unlikely at this stage of the game), it would just fall onto the top of the fridge that stores playdoh and other non-contaminatable items.

Am I just being lazy or is this normal?

Any Mosquito Carcasses on your Walls?

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  1. You need a reaching stick like Homer. As you know I bought myself a special pet to take care of those flying critters. Feed me Seymour!

  2. Hmmm...this looks oddly familiar. I think it's pretty normal, at least around here!

  3. I honestly believe this kind of art work hangs on many walls, cupboards, doors..... :)

  4. I would leave it, as a warning to the other mosquitoes.

    1. LOVE this comment... omg... touché!

    2. LOL! Best comment here! Hahahaha

  5. I had a carcass on my wall in my room for 2 years growing up! Indeed, left it as a warning signs to other skitters. Lazyness may have also been involved. Currently there are 2 fly carcasses on my patio door :)

  6. All I can do at this point is laugh... maybe it does hit too close to home for some of us... ROFL

  7. I'm so afraid of insects that even seeing bug guts make me paranoid. lol

  8. Best kind of bug ever!

  9. I was teasing my son yesterday because I had a massive fly buzzing around my head all day yesterday...drove me crazy, and the only solution I could come up with in my sleep deprived state was, I wish we had a spider that could eat this fly.

    Not 5 minutes later my son comes into the room and says Mommy there is a spider here! And before I could say anything SMASH! He killed it ....with my brand new shoe!! Like I got it the day before and only wore it to get the bloody mail. LOL

    Thanks for linking up with comment love, you can link up again!