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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reina's Roadtrip to the Vet in Ogdensburg.

Reina hurt her knee almost five years ago (we don't know how) and every 12 months or so she has a flare-up (it will dislocate on and off for a couple of days) and then life goes back to normal. Until now.

For the past three days she has not been using her right rear leg at all. She has not been able to climb steps. She has hardly been eating. When I bend and straighten her leg, the knee pops in and out. None of this is normal for her.

In turn, tomorrow evening, Ed, the Kids, Reina and I (Phoenix, Aries and Alexander will guard the house) will be off to see a vet in Ogdensburg, NY. Thankfully, it's only a short drive (less than 30 minutes).

Why a vet in Ogdensburg? Our friends recommended them, The Zoo doesn't have a file with any vet in Kemptville and we imagine it to be less expensive.

Worst case, she'll need an orthopedic surgeon to replace her ACL or more. Most likely (read: what we expect), she'll need her ACL replaced by a (normal) vet. Least likely, we'll bandage her knee and be on our way.

We're looking forward to Uncle Andrew's visit this long weekend. Maybe he should bring his passport...

Note that Reina (pronounced Ray-Na) means "Queen" in Spanish. She had the name when we got her. We didn't rename her as we thought that we wouldn't be keeping her (Ed had other plans). Not that there's anything the matter with Reina (we now love it), it's just kind of like naming your dog Rover.


  1. Our dog looked just like Reina! She was tan and white, and her face was a little less boxy. Whatever she was mixed with softened her out a lot, so only those die-hard, scared to death of pit bull people knew what she was.

    She also tore her ACL and had it replaced, I think when she was four. She'd get a limp afterward if she worked too hard.