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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

T.I.H.L.A... Cheerios

Things I Have Learned About (T.I.H.L.A)... Cheerios.

1. Teddy and Panda like to eat them. The kids were feeding them all morning.

2. Cheerios fit perfectly through vents. I can't believe that I'm posting a picture of my disgustingly dirty vent.

3. No hands are required to eat them. In this picture, Artemis is eating crackers so pretend that they're Cheerios. They eat their Cherrios with no hands all the time (I just don't have a picture of it). Real classy, I know.

4. They are an easy snack (to eat and carry around) and the kids love them.

Tonight, Reina heads to Ogdensburg, NY for the evening. Her ACL replacement surgery is tomorrow morning. We will pick her up on Friday and let you know more about her recovery then.

The kids have a real facination with shoes (especially Artemis). She likes to walk around in my flip flops (quite a sight). Here she is wearing Ed's workboots.

This afternoon, the kids and I headed outside to play. We lasted 30 minutes and then I couldn't take it any longer. The mosquitos were so bad. Max tried to catch a couple of bees. We have a fair amount as we have a ton of lilac bushes.


  1. Hi, this is Katie from the Cheerios Facebook team. We love your cute and clever post about the ways your children enjoy Cheerios! We like your post so much we want to share it with our fans on Facebook:

    Do we have permission to share a link to your post with our 500k+ fans? If so, please let me know by either responding in this comment thread or emailing me directly. Either way, great post I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks, Katie

  2. Dear Katie,

    While we appreciate your compliment and offer, we're not interested in taking our blog "viral". Thanks for asking.

    Now, if you have any Cheerios products that you'd like us to "test" for you...

    Thanks for reading.

    The Zoo