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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kids Love Fairy Tales and Moey's Music Party [Review]

Moeys Music party, Happily Ever Moey DVD Set

Journeys of The Zoo was first introduced to Moey's Music Party back in June when we reviewed their "The Princess Revolution" CD.

It turns out that Moey was so happy that we were so happy (that's a lot of happy) that she wanted to share with us her Multiple Award-Winning "Happily Ever Moey" CD/DVD Set.

This release has received awards from; Parent's Choice, National Parenting , Kids First, Creative Child Magazine and was named in the Top Ten Products at Toy Fair 2012 by The Toy Man.

Happily Ever Moey is a change from The Princess Revolution in that it's all about Fairy Tales. What thankfully didn't change, was Moey putting her own modern spin on some of my childhood favourites such as; #11 Take That You Wolf a.k.a. Little Red Riding Hood, #5 Twenty Mattresses a.k.a. Princess and The Pea and #6 You're Different a.k.a. The Ugly Duckling. The last two were also featured on her "The Princess Revolution" CD.

Maximilian as Little Red Riding Hood
The kids sat enthralled for the first 35 minutes of the DVD until the bonus material started and up they got, dancing along for the next 20 minutes to even more songs and live party performances.

I think my favourite of the bunch to watch is "#13 Happily Ever Moey" because the DVD presents a medley of shots from the previous songs and ends things on such a happy note.

Maximilian as Little Red Riding Hood!

The DVD creatively filled my senses with mediums such as costumes, hand puppers, actions and involvement from 65 different kids. Once again, there were morals behind each of the tales; sharing, acceptance and respect for others and celebrating who you are. They even threw in a little "country" to shake things up from their usual rock and roll style.

I'm a Fairy Princess!

The Zoo does not have cable so we rely heavily on DVD's and VHS Tapes (yes, we have one) and I am so happy to add this to our "Must Watch with Regularity" list.

The two-disk CD and DVD package retails for $19.95 and is Distributed in the USA by Not in the USA? No worries, Moey ships to Canada!

Contact Moey via Facebook ( or Twitter ( for details.

Everyday is a Moey's Music Party!

Journeys of The Zoo received a copy of this product that enabled me to complete my review. No other compensation was provided.

Besos, The Zoo


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