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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top Ten Reasons You Should Live in Mexico!

In case you weren't aware, we're currently in Mexico.

San Cristobal de las Casas in the state of Chiapas to be exact.

We've been here since December 19 (scheduled to arrive December 18) and if everything goes according to plan (tee, hee), we'll be here until the end of March.

You'll be reading a lot about our adventures and I thought that I'd give you an idea about some of the topics that I'll be touching on. Let me know if there's anything in particular that you want to know about.

Top Ten Reasons You Should Live in Mexico.

10. You LOVE noise. All.the.time.
9. Find joy in identifying the different truck sounds such as the ringing cowbell for garbage and the metal chains dragging behind the propane truck.
8. You hate going to bed before 1am.
7. Tortilla's (of the corn variety) are your favourite food.
6. Tamarind and/or Chile + Candies = Yum
5. You're never on time for anything.
4. Kissing everyone you meet (whether you know them or not) is #4 on your top ten list.
3. Losing weight from Montezuma's Revenge sounds like a great diet strategy.
2. You're always up for a Fiesta.
1. Winter is highly overrated.

So, should YOU live in Mexico?

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  1. I'm up for #1 and #7 but beyond that I'll leave the snowbirding to you!

  2. I think I only like one or two of your top ten..........I best stay in Ontario, Canada!!

  3. Sounds like Mexico is loud, noisy and too busy for me.
    Hope you're having a better time than you were trekking down.

  4. Sounds fun for the right person! I'm better off here though by the sounds of it...I can't stand too much hustle and bustle coming from a small, quiet city hehe ;) But I do love Tortillas!!