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Friday, July 27, 2012

The Time I Got Migraines to Avoid Ballet.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

Another event, just like all the others.

One where I'm out cash, have to dance around and wear a silly costume.

Is Ballet and Brownies some regulated form of torture Right of Passage?

Ballet Recital Raggedy Ann
Because every girl dreams of a mop like that...

To make a short story even shorter, fortunately for me, I got a migraine and never had to return to "The Ballet".

You ask my Mother and she'll tell you that

I loved Ballet.

Ya, like a migraine.

So I was trying to think about what teaser I would leave you with for next week. I mean, by now, I'm 12 years old which is half way to 24 and at the rate I'm going, that might just be next week.

I could leave you with "The time my girlfriends and I watched Risky Business for my 12th birthday". No, the 12 is not a typo. Regardless, I already ruined that surprize.

Or, I could tell you about the time that I moved schools out of my own free will and had to take a bus instead of jumping over the back fence. Which I never actually did but I could have because my house backed on to the school property. I really shouldn't be using the past tense because my Mother still lives there and my Dad grew up there. We also went to the same high school. Wow, I didn't bore tell you a lot.

But if I told you that then I'd need to tell you about the fact that I changed schools to pursue some "Gifted Curriculum" (cause I'm really smart don't you know). Then, I'd have to share about the time that my Mother made the Reviewers re-check my scores because to quote her "I sure was gifted but not in the ways they thought I was...".

But that would all be boring and seem like I was tooting my own horn and I always never do that.

So I think that I'll leave you with the *first* time that...

"I Tore my Knee Cartilage and had Surgery"

Because I'm pretty sure that with a title like that you'll be sitting on pins and needles until next week in anticipation of what exciting morsels of literary genius I will come up with.

Besides, I'm running out of stories that I remember prior to yesterday and it's high time that you knew about my life as a Championship Downhill Skier.

Get Caught up in the Series, it's Addictive!

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2. I Was Adopted,
1. I Was Born.

Besos, The Zoo


  1. Hooray for knee surgery! Well, I guess not hooray but it's a club that I have a membership card for. Apparently in high school, it's alright to have a week long rugby lesson without getting any actual lessons....Probably should have sued but then I'd have been "That Guy". Hope you have some knee surgery photos to share :)

  2. LOL umm you crack me up!! Can't wait to see next weeks post. Your posts are always a good way to start my day. Like a good cup of coffee and better than my morning newspaper.

    LOL thanks my friend for the daily laughs.

  3. Great way to start the day! I love how your mom thinks you loved ballet but you actually didn't! How many things do we make our kids do b/c it's really what we want them to like?!

  4. WOW what a colourful childhood you had, I am not sure how you can remember all of your journey's Mine not so colourful! I enjoy living through your memories!

  5. haha you're hilarious and ohhhh admit REALLY did LOVE the ballet didn't you?? ;) Championship Downhill Skier?? Surgery?? Tell me more!! hehe

  6. Love the picture! It is too cute :)

  7. Ahhh man you make me laugh! I was asked to not return to ballet... I should get the rest of the story from my mom ;)

  8. funny post :) you are certainly gifted :)
    have a wonderful weekend

  9. Oi, I'm always so worried about my knees. Must look into how to take better care of them. I got migraines to avoid many, many things as a child. And just plain got migraines a lot. I used to make myself sick at Hallowe'en from the excitement and completely miss out on the candy gorging. Good thing I had a little brother from whom I could pilfer.

    "I sure was gifted but not in the ways they thought I was..." Ehehehehheheh. :P <-- me being articulate.

  10. Oh my goodness! I looooooooooove reading your posts! Keep 'em coming!

  11. you mean all girls don't love ballet? what???


  12. Yeah, you're special alright.
    Can't wait for ski-bunny photos!

  13. lol Love the Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes! Too cute!