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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Link Up to The Zoo's Weekly [BLOGLOVIN HOP] up to August 22

Thursday BlogLovin Hop at Journeys of The Zoo

We have spent the past two weeks at The Farm filling our days playing in mud puddles, jumping on the trampoline, collecting chicken eggs, building sand castles, Celebrating Aunt Isabelle's 104th birthday, and visiting with Aunt John, Aunt Sally, Kevin and Liz. We can't forget that pig roast!

Plus, trips to Canada's Wonderland with Uncle Andrew and African Lion Safari with Poppa.

A great time was had by all but we are relieved to be Home Sweet Home and that it's finally Thursday and the ...

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  1. I found you through the Bloglovin' Hop! I'm a new follower! I hope you'll come over to Desert Momma to follow me too! Thanks!

  2. Would love to co-host if you're still looking!

  3. Thanks for hosting! You throw a lovely party! :D

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  5. As usual there are some great posts here... thanks for hosting!

    Cathi~ The Bookish Baker

  6. Hello.. I'm new here :) Saw this event on Twitter and thought I'd join. I'm Ara, entry #60 My Book and My Coffee. This is a great opportunity. I followed everyone before me. Hope everyone will follow back :D :D :D Will check a bit later to see if there are more participants after me and I will follow :D

    Thank you. - Ara of My Book and My Coffee

  7. Thank you again! I wouldn't want to co-host with anyone else. Enjoy your week.

  8. Thanks for following hun :) Thank you for doing these blog hops. :)