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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Quest to Rediscover the Little Girl Inside [Canadian]

I Am Canadian Feature for August In My 30's and It's Time

Journeys of The Zoo's "I Am Canadian"
Guest Post Feature for August is...

Angie from In my 30's and It's Time.

I jumped into marriage at 19 years old like a crazy kid who thought she knew everything. Nine years and two kids later the life I had tried SO desperately to maintain fell apart right before my eyes. Suddenly I was in the midst of a nasty divorce. There were days when I could barely leave my bed because the stress, the tears, the anxiety was all just too much.

I was 28 and an absolute disastrous shell of a woman who had zero idea who she was.

I'll be 32 in November. To say life has changed since then is an understatement. I fell in love with my best friend. Truly, Madly, Deeply. Wow, did I really just quote Savage Garden? Yes, I did because that's exactly how it feels. Eleven months after my separation I remarried. Most people thought it was a bit extreme but I had known my mister for ten years, we weren't strangers at all. He had seen me collapsed with anxiety with my hair in every direction, makeup streaming down my cheeks. He had seen me laughing and acting like a fool because I wasn’t trying to impress him. But the truth is beyond all that, he saw ME. Never in my life had anyone believed in me so fiercely. He was everything I needed to begin to believe in myself.

Out of this new cheering squad was born In My 30s And Its Time. A blog to help me re-focus in my 30s and begin the quest to discovering well.. me! A hope to find the little girl inside who was afraid of nothing, who laughed from her belly, who trusted people and who loved with her whole heart.

Life has not been perfect since then. I struggle with digestive issues, battles with my ex, loss of multiple friends... but you know what?

I will never go back.

That lost woman of her 20s so badly needed direction, so badly needed to discover herself and all that she stood for: loyalty, love, joy, trust and sincerity. I know I am on the perfect path to get there.

This week I attended a training session with Tony Robbins as a speaker and I am so hyped up. He forced us to literally behave like children and come out of our shells. He also reminded me that while we don't always meet our goals, we ALWAYS meet our own standards.

It's time to raise my standards. Big time. I feel like I got a chance that others don't always get. To have deep love like I hadn’t ever dreamed possible. Not only from a man so wonderful I can’t even put it into words, but also from myself. This is my time.

My 30s will change the course of the rest of my life. I have no doubt about it.

Thank you for Guest Posting Angie.

Picture of Angie from In my 30's and It's Time Angie is a working Mom of two in the GTA, Ontario. When she's not singing at the top of her lungs and air drumming in her car much to the dismay of others, she loves to read, write short stories, swoon over her husband, dance with her boys and blog about life at I'm My 30's and It's Time. Connect via Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Great and inspiring read - thanks for featuring another great Canadian blogger!

  2. Pity I'm not Canadian but I do have Canadian family. My brother lives in London, Ontario. Does that count. :) Hope you're having a great week! :)

  3. I love meeting new Canadian Bloggers! Great post! The Linky is AWESOME!

  4. Oh my gosh - Savage Garden, I used to love their music LOL. 32 is a great age ;)

    1. HA!! It just fit ... I couldn't help myself

  5. Congratulations to Angie for taking charge of her own life and improving it!


  6. I loved reading this... I did break out into song reading this as soon as a read truly, madly, deeply.

  7. What an amazing story. I met my hubby at 18, but we didn't get married until we were 27. If we had gotten married at 18 I think it would've been a disaster. We ended up breaking up for 9 months, and just becoming best friends. It really made all the difference in the world. Good luck in your new adventures.

    And thanks Sarah for linking with comment love again :)

    1. that is wonderful, good for you for being mature enough to realize 18 is way too young!!
      But we all think we know everything at that age

  8. Love your story Angie and glad you got your life back on track and are happier than ever before. Good for you:)

    1. thank you so much Lyne, it's so nice to connect with others like this too!