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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Your Vote Needed! Final Round 2012 Canadian Blog Award [Humour].

Canadian Blog Awards Logo In October, Journeys of The Zoo was nominated for a 2012 Canadian Blog Award in the Humour Category.

We were humbled by the nomination and confident in our decision to leave the voting in your capable hands. We were not disappointed.

The fact that I mentioned something about birthdays and unicorns was in no way intended to sway your vote.

Note that this offer still applies. In case you didn't know, this is currently high-season for unicorns, however, we have been placed on their cancellation list.

And here we are. October 31st has come and gone. The votes have been tallied and you've made your decision very clear, Journeys of The Zoo has...

Made it to the FINAL ROUND!

Thank you so much for all your support. We are so fortunate to have you along for the ride and it wouldn't be half as much fun without you.
Note that I may or may not have spoken to myself for two years before you came along.

Without you, Journeys of The Zoo would not be in this position and that's why we're asking for you to take the lead once again. This is your last kick at the can to decide who will win the 2012 Canadian Blog Award for the Humour Category. Where will you cast your one-time vote (per category)?

humour category button
Anyone can vote and you have until November 30 to click the little button and...

Vote for Journeys of The Zoo!

(Click any of the links or Go to --> --> "Best Humour Blog (left-hand column, 6th one down) --> Journeys of The Zoo.

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  1. I'll vote for you, only b.c I am super jelous. GOOD LUCK!

  2. I voted! Your blog is so cute! I'm glad Jessica W. connected us. Thinking of you and Alexander tomorrow certainly! Hugs.

  3. voted, please vote for me back? 'Best New Blog' and 'Thinking Outside The Sandbox'.

  4. It's the final hours - good luck! You should push this out to your FB page today!