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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Save Money & Gain Peace of Mind with @CAASCO Travel Insurance.

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If you drive a vehicle and live in Ontario then you've heard of CAA Roadside Assistance. If you've travelled outside Canada for business or pleasure then you've purchased CAA Travel Insurance. Right?

Until last week, we didn't know that CAA provided this service. Given all the travelling that Journeys of The Zoo does and considering we have two trips planned for this month, we found out just in the nick of time!

First up, a business trip for Ed to San Diego. I normally purchase our personal and business travel insurance online with a Major Canadian Bank but this time I thought; "It can't hurt to compare prices. A quote costs me nothing".

The CAA Travel Insurance website was easy to find (you'd be surprized) and within minutes I had my quote.

I was both shocked and excited.

Shocked because it was half the price of what I usually pay and twice the coverage. Five days, five million medical coverage for only $15.95. No hidden costs. The part that made me excited, if you're a CAA member, you save an additional 5%!

airplane train car travel insurance
I appreciated that it didn't have one of those "countdown" clocks where you have 3.2 seconds to find a credit card and pay or your "deal of a lifetime" is no longer available. I mean seriously, do those other companies not have kids!?

Immediately after my order was processed, we received an email confirming the details and other important documents such as a wallet card. In the past, I've been required to print out my confirmation and details then and there. Considering the printer is downstairs, the email was much more convenient.

Note. Since Ed is over 55, the email also contained a medical document that he needed to sign and mail/email back. I had no problem with that because in the past, he's had to speak with someone on the phone to confirm the questionnaire details and that took over 20 minutes.

The Zoo is leaving for our annual trip to Mexico in three weeks. I've already priced out our trip and we will be saving 30% from last year (not including the additional 5%).

Heading across the border for some Christmas shopping? I suggest that you visit CAA for a quote. Two day coverage can be as little as $13. Talk about peace of mind knowing that you won't be stuck with incredibly high medical bills!

Next up for me, look into finding Hotels that offer a discount to CAA members.

So many ways to save with CAA!

Connect with CAA via their website, Facebook and Twitter.

Journeys of The Zoo was compensated for this post, however, we purchased insurance before any arrangement had been made. All opinions are 100% our own.

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  1. Sounds great - I will definitely look into this the next time we travel! And thanks for sharing that your 'old man' is really an old man - I'm sure he appreciates it!

  2. we always get insurance when we cross the border, CAA is always the best place to start. have a fabulous trip to Mexico!

  3. Yep CAA travel insurance is awesome! It's so important to have, especially when traveling outside of the country. I can't imagine going without it. Just too scary!

    1. Actually it's not awesome at all. Far better insurance available out there.

  4. Great prices and great service! I love CAA!

  5. Wow that is quite a savings! Have a great time!

  6. CAA is so great and definitely important to have. Better safe than sorry I always say! :)

  7. This sounds amazing! I will definitely have to look into CAA, I do believe in better safe than sorry. I've had too many times when sorry happened but, we were safe!

  8. That is pretty good savings! $13 for two days? Brilliant.

  9. This is something I'll definitely have to check out, I travel to the US quite often and travel insurance can really add up! Thanks so much for the info!