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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Not on #Facebook? See What You've Been Missing #humor

Facebook Logo Crossed Out In case you didn't know,
not everyone is on Facebook.

Say it isn't so.
The next thing you know, I'll be telling you that Santa Claus doesn't exist.

Well, it's true (the part about Facebook).

In fact, I'm pretty sure that I know all of the eight non-Facebookers (verb?) and that they follow this blog. No, they don't follow via Twitter either. I'll go easy on you and leave that for another post.

Here's what they've been missing...

But before I tell you that, I wanted you to know that I really feel like we've connected. That I've given you a glimpse into what life is really like at The Zoo.

For example, the time I told you about that public service announcement with respect to ingesting leaded balls, or when I posted that picture of me in my Muu Muu pregnant with Triplets at 24 weeks. We won't even bring up the fact that I showed you pictures of my toilet for the fiftieth time.

I may be versed in hyperbole. It also appears that I may have switched my passion for parentheses with italics. Juries still out.

And finally, we can't forget about that time in October when I left the fate of my nomination for a 2012 Canadian Blog Award (Humour Category) in your capable hands and now we're in the FINAL ROUND and voting ends November 30.

You have voted right?

Left-hand side, 6th category down,
"Best Humour Blog", Journeys of The Zoo
Shameless plug over.

Don't know a thing about Facebook? Check out all the deep and insightful things that I've posted recently;

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See what you've been missing!

Okay, maybe not.

Check out and "Like" Journeys of The Zoo on Facebook.

Disclosure: Journeys of The Zoo had a hot shower shortly before writing this post. Lucky for you, we don't shower that often.

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  1. Twitter? What's that? ;)

  2. I KNOW NOT on FB and TWITTER what do they live under a ROCK!!!

  3. You make me laugh. Santa is so on Facebook... lol...

  4. Haha! So funny! Toilet pics are the best. Don't stop.

  5. hahaha ! but I am on Facebook :P

  6. I was just coming to check on you since I haven't seen you in the FB Groups!! You're missed girl :)