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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Are you Hard to Shop for? Create a Birthday Bucket List.

Artemis with My Birthday Balloons It was my birthday recently. Happens every year. Believe it or not. I’m getting older.

Normally birthdays don't phase me much (although 30 was pretty tough) but this year, I realize that I look my age... If I'm lucky.

Wow Mom, You Look Old! P.S. Happy Birthday

I'm not a materialistic person. I'd give away most everything that I have. And did just that in 2005.

However, over the years, I've created an unwritten "Birthday Bucket List". I mean some things money just can't buy (See #11). So, in case you think I'm hard to shop for, I've made it really easy for you.

My Birthday Bucket List...

  1. Sleep in.
  2. Eat 1lb of bacon for breakfast.
  3. Go out for lunch.
  4. Eat an entire bag of my favourite "Terra Chips" Original Flavor Only
  5. Not have to share #4. Or anything for that matter
  6. Have the dishes wash themselves.
  7. Eat a chocolate cake (from the box) with chocolate frosting (from a can).
  8. Go out for dinner.
  9. Spend the day with my Family, preferably including a long walk (weather permitting).
  10. Have nice weather.
  11. Look (at least) one year younger than I am.

It's not like I ask for too much. Okay, #6 is pretty unrealistic.

Thankfully, this year my family succeeded in giving me almost everything on my list.

Did I mention that I look old...

What's on Your Birthday Bucket List?

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  1. My list is similar but it also includes eating whatever I want and not gaining weight.

    And a nap. I fricking love naps!

  2. A massage, latte, and lots of hugs (but then to be left alone)!

  3. Gawd, I hear ya.... when I turned 36 this past December, it was the first time in my life the gray hairs and fine lines got to me. Having an 18 year old doesn't help me feel young... on the contrary... he makes me feel older, and not by his age.

  4. Great list.. I think I could use a few, or all on my list. Although some people think I am younger then I am, it make me feel good but I still feel old... And at my age most of my friends are becoming or are already grandparents. my child isn't even 3 :P

  5. I don't have a bday bucket list, though now I'm thinking I should... Yours made me laugh. Happy birthday! (whenever it was)

  6. That is a great idea for me to prepare for my husband to know "exactly" what I would like for my birthday - it will definitely include a lot of "picking up after himself" on that list! lol

  7. My birthday is in about a month and I might have to do this!!

  8. I love your list Sarah! You have given me a great idea! I must work on a birthday bucket list!:)

  9. Really like this idea, so simple yet it makes it easier to shop if one has some idea's. Just have to set a limit as to how much can be spent!