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Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunday Night at the {Movies Hop}: #JamesBond in Octopussy

James Bond in Octopussy If the title has you thinking that you're having a deja-vu moment, you are.

We watched Octopussy during our James Bond Movie Marathon in October 2011.

And, I had no intention of watching it for a third time but...

The VHS machine broke and the backup (yes, we have a backup) was in the portable. Very, very far away.

So, we went to Plan B, watch a movie on DVD. The one and only option besides James Bond was "Far from Heaven" starring Julianne Moore.

But, when we opened up the DVD case, there was an Elizabeth Taylor movie inside.

Which was all fine and good except the DVD player couldn't read it.

So I figured three times was a charm with Octopussy.

While this was going on, Max provided several movie suggestions such as "Barney A, B, C" and "Bob the Builder" (which we actually do have on DVD). Oh ya, Max.

I've never let The Kids watch an adult movie. Heck, I won't even let them watch Thomas the Tank Engine but it was movie night and seeing how he slept from 5-9pm, there was no getting rid of him.

Third time is the charm because I managed to stay awake until the closing credits. I wish that I'd caught up on some sleep instead.

While Ed and I both enjoyed the cinematography, creativity of gadgets, acting and fast speed of the movie, the plot had me scratching my head right up until the very end. And not because it was a cliffhanger.

I didn't know the good guys from the bad guys or what anyone was trying to do. And still don't. P.S. It kind of matters in case you're wondering.

In the end, I gave it a 7, Ed gave it an 8 (again) and Max rated it, well, watch the video to find out.

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  1. We have Bond night every Saturday night. I bought hubby the 50th anniversary box set for Christmas, so we have been watching them through. Although we did watch Skyfall in the middle. We are almost all done, and I like them all.

  2. Classic!!! Classic movies make the best movie nights!!!

  3. It's hard to watch the old movies, especially since all the media outlets have such great quality now. I loved all the Bond movies and have watched every single one, but can't seem to go back for some reason.

  4. How cute is he! Guess he's gonna be a Bond man lol. I have never seen a James Bond movie in my life! IDK why....just never have.

  5. I always have trouble telling whos who in movies too. Glad i'm not alone. I guess thats why i like books best.

  6. He is adorable!!! And we know he has a love for trains... at least I think that's what he said!

  7. he is so cute :) this looks like a fun movie to watch I have only watched a few James bond movies

  8. I just watched my first Bond film not too long ago! We should be doing a Bond night movie every once in a while. Great idea.

  9. haven't seen that one; I have seen most of the new ones (and though I am not a huge fan, they are entertaining)

  10. What a cutie!!!

    I haven't watched Octopussy in so long, we love the James Bond movies, will have to try and borrow it from my father in law, he still has all of his movies on VHS! :D

  11. I love James Bond movies, and really loved Daniel Craig in Skyfall. We just got Netflix lately, and we are watching movies most evenings, it's great! One of my recent favorites on Netflix is X-Men: First Class.

  12. My Husband is a huge fan of James Bond movies! He loves all the action-packed scenes!

  13. Oooh, James Bond. My favorite is Sean Connery. My Hubs LOOOVES the newer James Bond movies, what a great idea. We need a Bond Night!

  14. We watched some Bond last night and my hubby remarked how the old Bonds are terrible. I've never watched them, but less flashy than the new ones for sure - that's to be expected. I guess you watch it for the nuance, humour and classic feel. Cute video - a Bond fan in the making!

  15. Sweeeeeeeeet! We love the Bond movies. All. Of. Them.

    Wishing you a lovely day!

  16. My brothers use to watch 007 all the time, I use to cry cause I wanted to watch full house, I was just a kid. Miss them days!

  17. My dad was also a huge James Bond fan and I have fond memories of curling up with dad watching Bond marathons. We were pretty strictly raised so it surprises me that I was Aloud to watch with him. We weren't even aloud to watch care bears or my little pony because of the magic in it - but I guess it was about the quality time.

  18. Its action packed alright, but i'm no fan of this womanizer!

  19. My husband is a huge James Bond fan so I have watched most of these older movies with him, and all of the newer ones. I don't mind them, although some scenes leave me shaking my head. Er.... it doesn't usually work that way with women. Oh well, it's just entertainment. ;)