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Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunday Night at the {Movies}: Mermaids, A Comedy?

Sunday Night at the Movies Logo It's been a long time since Ed and I were in a movie theatre together.

Think 2008.

Even so, that doesn't mean that we haven't seen any movies together.

Back in October 2011, we had a month long, James Bond Movie Marathon.

Since that time, we've been (trying to) watch a movie every weekend.

Seeing as VHS tapes are only 4 for $1, we get the opportunity to see some real classics at a fraction of the price.

Yes, I said VHS tapes. Don't even pretend that you're surprised.

This weeks Sunday Night at the Movies: Mermaids.

Sunday Night Movie Mermaids For the first time in a long time, I didn't read the back of the dust cover.

Not because I wanted to be surprized (in fact, quite the opposite) but because Ed left it near the tv and neither of us wanted to get up to retrieve it.

If I hadn't been so lazy, I would have read this vague and uninspiring summary.

Academy Award winner Cher is the free-spirited and decidedly unconventional Mrs. Flax, the original liberated woman. She's sexy, sassy, brassy, and more than just a bit exasperating, especially to her daughters. Charlotte (Winona Ryder) is a hormonal 15-year-old desperate to be a nun, even though the family's Jewish, and nine-year-old Kate (Christina Ricci) is an aspiring swimming champ who practiced in the bathtub. The guy with a heart of gold, Lou Landsky (Bob Hoskins) tries to turn this wacky trio into a family as they careen through romantic escapades and unusual encounters.

Trivia. I didn't know that Cher had ever won an Academy Award. Do you know which movie she won for?

Shining Star. Let's just say that this movie wasn't her best performance. However, I thought that Christina Ricci (pre-Addams Family) was the shining star. She was really funny and at only 10 years old (actual), it's no reason why she went on to bigger things.

Plot. The beginning of the movie was totally out in left field and made no sense. Nor did the title. And, the drama closer to the end didn't add to the films depth. In fact, it took away from the comedic qualities.

Recommend? Some parts were good, some parts were not so good and some left you scratching your head. Overall, I wouldn't recommend that you bother with this classic from 1990.

Rating. Ed=6, Sarah=7.

What Movie(s) Have you Seen Recently?

Please leave a comment and link to any reviews you've done. I'd love to read them.

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  1. Recent movie was Breaking Dawn 2 and Safe Haven. But both I watched at home. :D

  2. I have not been to a theatre in a long time.. I do watch a movie a night on Netflix....WE just watched Madagascar 3. I still have a VCR are tons of movies for it. (mostly disney) it is located in my daughters room so she can enjoy the movies.

  3. The description is hilarious but it does sound quite odd. I good comedy I've seen recently is Ted.

  4. Where were you in 1990 that you didn't see this when it came out? Where I lived it was huge! I am a big fan of Christina Ricci.
    But comedies are normally not really all that funny, so...better luck next time.

  5. Video tapes hey? No judgement here... we have a box in our basement which we just can't part with.

    We watched Toy Story this weekend. Classic!

    Wishing you a lovely week!

  6. Cher got an academy award for being in Moonstruck. LOVED that movie. Wasn't so crazy about Mermaids either.
    I liked Movie 43. Adult humor, totally.

  7. The last movie I watched was before a got my baby girl (3monthns old), like 5 months ago and it was Chernobyl diaries. I watched in the cinema. It was a good movie, not a great one.

  8. My husband and I were just able to watch a movie a the theater for the first time in almost 2 years. It was so nice feeling like teenagers again. I love date night. Can't wait until the kids aer a bit bigger so we can have date night more often.

  9. Ahh Mermaids totally reminds me of when I was a kid, I would watch with my Mom and Sister. We just watched Argo and I think it was ok, not the best movie but the story line was good.

  10. We have a stack of VHS movies we but the last movie we watched was Red Dawn..

  11. The first time I saw this movie, I was way too young to see it and didn't understand much. I did understand Christina Ricci, however, and as I got older and watched it many (many, many) more times, she continued to really shine to me. She has always been an excellent actress, and even underrated I think.

  12. I like that you're rating what you watched. I did know Cher won. That movie that she won for was one of the first I ever saw in theaters.

  13. I wish we still had a VHS player that worked! I never Cher as anything but a singer, but I'm a total trivia buff so really cool to know!

  14. We use Netflix to watch all our movies the most recent one we watch with the kids was Rio

  15. i just love watching movies especially the old black and white ones

  16. I love this movie

  17. I love that you broke out an 80s VHS movie!! That rocks. I haven't seen Mermaids in so many years but Winona Ryder was definitely one to be watched when I was a teen. How fun.